P328S spare parts list

Width mmThickness mmTension ForceWith wirelessWithout wireless
120.65-1.05250-2600 N43.342243.2822
12.70.40-0.64250-2600 N43.342343.2823
12.70.65-1.05250-2600 N43.342443.2824
130.65-1.05250-2600 N43.343243.2832
15.50.40-0.64250-2600 N43.345343.2853
15.50.65-1.05250-2600 N43.345443.2854
160.40-0.64250-2600 N43.346143.2861
160.65-1.05250-2600 N43.346243.2862

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